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Element Nail Salon offers customizable manicures and pedicures.  Your comfort and satisfaction is our priority.


We love hosting bridal, birthday, teen/tween, and girls-night-out parties. BYOB, BYOF and our space is yours!  Contact us for more details.


Traditional manicure _______  $20*

HOT STONE** manicure ___   $25*

Powder Dip manicure ______ $40 

Pure Fiji Paradise manicure _ $30*

Gel polish w manicure______  $34

​Gel polish  ______________  $30

Kiddie manicure (under 12)__  $12*


Traditional pedicure _______ $35*
HOT STONE** pedicure ___ $45*

Pure Fiji Paradise pedicure _ $52*
​Gel polish w pedicure _____ $57
Gel polish  ______________ $35
Kiddie pedicure (under 12) _ $29*

Combos (Manis + Pedis)

Traditional combo ________  $48*
HOT STONE** combo ____   $65*

Pure Fiji Paradise combo __  $72*
Kiddie combo ___________  $35*

Pure Fiji 


Pure Fiji is an award-winning organic product line that brings a highly-moisturizing, tropical South Pacific upgrade to our Traditional Manicures and Pedicures. 

To begin you choose either the Noni or Guava Fruit product lines, which include a luxurious milk bath, sugar scrub and body butter treatment. Next comes a hot towel wrap and an exotic oil massage. Finish with a standard polish of your choice.


Paradise manicure ___ $30 ~25 min*

Paradise pedicure ___   $52 ~45 min*

Paradise combo _____  $72 ~80 min*

Hot Stone massage __  $10 ~10 min

​Paradise shellac / gel manicure  $51

Paradise shellac / gel pedicure _$72

Kiara Sky Powder Dip Manicures

We're excited to offer Kiara Sky Powder Dip Manicures. The lasting power of dip powder color is somewhere between regular polish and fake nails. Between base coats and a sealant, you dip your nails into a jar of your chosen Kiara Sky color for a mani that dries instantly and can last for several weeks with proper care and curing at our UV-cure station.


Powder Dip manicure _______ $40


Shellac / Gel Polish

 A hybrid polish that goes on like nail lacquer, UV-cured, dries instantly and can last up to 2 weeks with proper care and curing at our UV-cure station.  This polish provides strength to natural nails and helps them grow.  


Gel polish _______ $30 ~25 min

With manicure ____ $34 ~40 min

With Pedicure ____ $57 ~60 min

Removal ________ $10 

Add ons

Smith & Cult Polish: $4*

Full Set of Gel Nails: $50+$13 for shellac

Gel Fill: $35 + $13 for shellac

Polish Change: Feet $18*  Hands $14* 

Paraffin Wax:  Feet $18  Hands $12

French Style Charge:  Feet $9  Hands $7

Nail Replacement:  Gel  $7

Fake Nail Removal (set):  $20

Cut down:  $5 - $10

Special shapes:  $5

Nail art (single):  $4 Min.

Nail decal (single):  $4 Min.

Warm mask**:  $10

Foot/Leg massage: $1/minute

Shellac removal: $10


*  Traditional standard nail polish is a temporary cosmetic service. Many everyday activities will cause polish to chip and degrade. If this is a concern we recommend upgrading your nail service to a Power Dip Manicure or Gel Polish, which are more durable because they are cured with a UV light and with proper care can last up to 2 weeks. Examples of everyday activities which will cause regular nail polish to chip and degrade are: cleaning, washing, sports, picking your nails, and any activity that impacts your nails.  Activities where your nails come in contact with chemicals (i.e. sunscreen and certain lotions) and cleaners should be avoided. For these reasons it is not possible to put any guarantee on a standard nail polish service.

** Add a warm mask to the HOT STONE pedicure (or any other pedicure) for $10.

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