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clean, quick & effective


Element Salon offers quick and effective waxing services utilizing two highly-rated wax formulas. Which wax we choose depends on the hair removal service you want and the sensitivity of your skin. We offer a free consultation and quick patch test to determine which wax is best for your needs. Depending on the areas you would like to address, we might suggest a combination of the two waxes. Clean, quick and effective, book an appointment to discover why our clients rave about our waxing services!

Face Waxing

Brow wax, shape & tweeze _ $23  & up

Between brows & trim _____ $5

Lip  ____________________$15 & up

Nostril _________________ $25

Ears ___________________$25

Chin ___________________$15 & up

Face sides ______________$22

Chin & neck  ___________   $30

Brow, lip & chin  __________$50

Brow/lip or brow/chin ______$35

Full face ________________$65

Body Waxing

Under arm _________$45

Half arm___________ $35

Full arm ___________ $50

Upper Legs_________$55

Lower Legs_________$55

Full Legs___________$90

Back______________ $115 & up

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